We’re in mid-August, 2016.

An idea has been growing slowly in the past few weeks. It is now much like the feeling of being in love.
“I am turning 31 soon, it’s my last chance to go to Japan long term easily.”
” I need to get a Working Holiday Visa to Japan”.

The butterflies shiver everytime I consider…
I have been longing for that trip for years on end.

But it’s so much work…

– Overcome my previously described fear of travelling.
– Said fear exponentially inflated by me not knowing the language.
Learning the language. It’s not that I don’t speak Japanese at all, but I learnt despite myself almost 10 years ago, so my base knowledge is fractional. Then took 6 months of lessons, cut off by a trip (for a whole year, in a van I had built myself), and haven’t really worked it since then, so…
I don’t really know Japanese, no.
– Making a program of the whole sojourn for the WHV.
– Making a budget on the whole year for the WHV
– Making a cover letter for the… you get the idea.
– Making my resume all over again, same thing.
– Finding the mimimum funds or they’ll refuse me.
And then…
– Making a program up to the last details for myself.
– Same with the budget
Doubling the budget they ask for by any means at my disposal.
Because Autism demands that I manage crazy levels of anxiety, and the best way to do that is to be overly prepared.
– Buying plane ticket, cheap-cheap-cheaper…

I also definitely need to I have somewhere to go back to, I will so need somewhere to hide after this adventure…
So I’ll find someone to be in and pay for my flat here while I’m there.
Someone I can trust with all my belongings, because there is no storing it away.

And I’m unemployed.

I only have my engravings and hand made notebooks to show for…
So I’ll sell my van, and my fancy bike, and anything else people will buy off me.
And 3 months from taking off, I’ll create a company and register to Christmass Markets (but only a few days, I can’t afford more), and now I am a self-employed artist and craftperson, and all the money I’ll collect from these sales will go into my trip.

And I’ll accept to move to terribly tiny flat, just because it’s cheaper than the one I have now, only 2 months before I take off. Because cheap has no price.

Challenge, you said?
I’d put an “s” somewhere, there. Here you go : “ChallengeS“.