Long story short, I turned my Working Holiday into a road trip.

I bought a bike (well, my friend Jona did), I fixed it (well, mostly, my friend Jona did), and I send myself some camping gear (well, I sent it to my friend Jona’s place), and I was on my way.

I did a little one around Mont Fuji, can’t remember if I posted it here.

Did a big one – still doing it – towards Hokkaido.

Hang on to your hats, fellows, it’s time I rocked the macadam.

Here are a few pictures. I’m hoping to finally be able to catch up with my months of delay in posting articles, but adventure calls louder… This is a dream I never dared to hope make real.
I leave you with oceans, lakes, temples, a couple of sunsets, funny foxes and clean kappas, a preserved ancient village, a red bridge to a sacred island, c-c-c-c-cliffs, tamed rivers, wild onsen that belong to the bears, or that offer a view on the ocean, and much more…