[Wandering] Between The Lines

Journeys of an autist : Details before the whole.


Thank you for reading [Wandering] between the lines!
Walk in the steps of our hero Jake Maud as they walk between fine lines around the globe.

Our hero is very peculiar indeed : autistic, but only diagnosed a few years ago, they are odd, but never knew it. (And are still adjusting to what this all means).
Female (at birth), but queergender, they don’t really care about social roles of any sort, but relish decorating their body with costumes – at times.
(FYI : their pronouns are “they, it, he and sometimes she”, and all will be used here. Don’t worry, it’s easy. )
It also have an extrovert personality with autistic limitations, so it goes out and talk to strangers and bring them along in adventures… And then takes long enough hiding in a cave to recover.
With all these differences, he is .. “unique” (or so he’s told) : the things he does, think, see are so in their own unexpected way – from an allistic point of view.
Walk along them, be surprised, entranced and moved : this is your door to “peculiar”.

This story beggins in August 2016, when our hero picked a big goal out of their life bucket : “Go to Japan, 1 year”.
Come explore with us the no-man lands between countries, cultures, genders all the while balancing between autism and allistism.

In your backpack to get started :
– Water. I mean really, never go on a trip without water. And none of this plastic bottled rubbish either, cheers. And snacks. Keep those for me. ^-^
– Distance : Around 5 years ago, Jake Maud was freaked out – and I mean freaked out – by the idea of going to a place they didn’t speak the language of. And even then, they needed to go with a close friend, and spend most of the first 3 days locked up in the hotel. Tell me about fun trips. And now? Well, see by yourself.
– Be ready to be unsettled! I’m told I’m good at that… -.-‘


And if you wanna know about more daily-life, usual challenges, and travel from before 2016, go check my other blog!

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